Garden Edging

Bamboo Designs can help you edge your Balinese gardens. We have available bamboo, coconut and other materials to edge your gardens.

Turf edging

Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging designs are limited only by your imagination, and if your imagination is limited, then visit our showroom for ideas.

Lawn Edging

Kitchen Renovations Ideas

Transform your dull greasy-smelling kitchen into a hip and sweet-smelling one through kitchen renovations. You do not even have to spend too much as there are many materials that are low in price but high in quality. There are kitchen designers who can help you in the design of your kitchen for functionality and safety. They are kitchen designers who have been in the industry for a long time and they are familiar with the latest designs and innovations in kitchens. There are various kitchen equipments that will make your cooking a breeze, just consult the kitchen decorators and avail of their services for your kitchen renovations.

They will design for you

The kitchen designers will analyze your daily usage of the kitchen and from there, they will custom-made a style for your kitchen renovations. Each household has different levels of usage, some use the kitchen three times a day while others only use it only once a day. During kitchen renovations, the designers will design the kitchen according to the usage of the kitchen. Busy kitchens need more kitchen cabinets for all the spices and pots while those whose kitchen is minimally used can be designed with smaller cabinets and tables.




They will give you excellent service

Once you avail the services of kitchen designers for your kitchen renovations, they will help you from the planning, to the design, to the implementation of the project, to the procurements of materials until the kitchen renovations are done. They will even provide you with a warranty for the work that they did. The warranty will give you the confidence that the kitchen designers will only provide you with a high quality work.

They will give you superior quality

Regardless whether you are in a budget or not, the designer kitchen renovations in Brisbane from Sovereign will only use materials that are durable and elegant. For instance, they can use stone cut-offs for your kitchen counter tops. The stone cut-offs are not as pricy but these will certainly look very elegant in your kitchen. The kitchen cabinets can be re-painted for those with little budget but those with higher budget can have kitchen cabinets that are made from wood and glasses for added elegance.

Call them and they will give you a quote for free. Transform your kitchen to a place where it is conducive to cook good food made with love for your family and friends.

Remember to hire a plumber if you notice a leak in pipes or sinks.