Fence Panels

Need to wall your yard or deck with a Bali or Indonesian style? We sell Bamboo and reed fence panels. Fence panels are easy to install and they look great when complementing tropical Bali plants.

Reed Fence

Bamboo Lattice

The panels we supply use a bamboo lattice to strengthen the pence panels against strong winds and weather. All Bamboo is treated for rot and UV protection.

Bamboo Fence

Cheap Reed Fencing

Bamboo fence panels are usually considered the less expensive alternative to ordinary fences, and look much nicer like the modern bathroom vanities offering at Bathrooms Melbourne Gallery. Bamboo fences are one of the two least costly fence choices. Bamboo costs a bit more and is more durable, then a reed fence, but you can still get a few good years out of reeds. Both of these materials provide a natural look and allow breezes and sunlight through. Plus they make a great background for plants.



Wood Fencing

Whatever your fencing needs are, we have the Bali fencing products that will suit your choice. Because we produce so many of our fencing products ourselves, you can be sure of getting great value for money by dealing directly with the manufacturer, thereby cutting out the middle man.

If you are so inclined, the fence panels are easy to install for a do-it-yourself on the weekend or a professional contractor. Just set our posts in concrete, slip the mounting brackets into the horizontal frame at the ends and roll out the thatch. If you are building a pool fence, we recommend a professional installer. On the other hand, we can arrange for delivery of fencing supplies nationwide and can even recommend independent fitters vetted by us.

Prior to delivery the wood fence panels are treated with a base coat for preservation. Galvanised ring shank nails are used in production of all sections of the fence to avoid unsightly staining from rust.

Bamboo Fencing

We specialise in a variety of Bali fence styles that other companies just can't offer. We do this to best suit your specific landscaping needs. Once you are done picking the design of the fence panels, pick up a material which looks most practical, or visually appealing to you and enjoy your new garden with a bamboo or reed fence around your property.

Although care must be taken when selecting your bamboo fence panel to ensure it is in keeping with current local trends and your are not breaching any restrictions.

Reed and Bamboo fence panels are an alternative to wooden fencing, coming with the benefit of being incredibly low maintenance and withstanding weather conditions well. Iron bamboo is unique in that it is thick-walled, often solid, and known to be one of the strongest bamboos in the world. Style fece panels both have elements of compressed branch material and iron bamboo.

Please consider Glass Balustrades if you are looking for something special.

Have a look at the Trade show displays and Exhibition displays for more information while shopping for your fancing.