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Termite Inspection Guidelines

Termites are small creatures but they can cause bigger damages than you can imagine. It is therefore very important to check for termites before investing in any property. And even after purchasing, regular termite inspection should still be done in order to ensure that your property is termite free. Or even when termites were spotted, at least you can catch them early on and prevent further damage. So, if you plan to hire someone to conduct termite inspection, here are some of the things that you should see in the termite inspection report to be provided to you:


1. Accessible and Inaccessible areas of inspection

A professional termite inspector should inspect all possible points of entry both for the inside and outside the house. All areas inspected should be mentioned as well as areas that are not accessible for inspection. The inspector should be able to see previous and existing problems in the areas inspected.

2. Evidence of treatment prior to your purchase

If there are evidences of termite treatments, it should be included in the report too. It means that there was an infestation before and there is a chance of reoccurring, if not handled very well.




3. Existing problems, if there are any

It is also possible that there are existing problems and termite presence in the property. So if you are a buyer, you might want to consider this prior to purchasing. And if you are already an owner and residing in the property, then it is very important to know this so you can eradicate the problem immediately.


4. Treatment recommendations

Termite inspection should be thorough and all possible damaged areas should be well accounted for. Then, a treatment proposal should be made. This treatment proposal should include, the methods to be done to eliminate these pests, the cost and the timeline. In addition, there should be regular preventive actions to be included after the treatment, or if there are still no termites in the place yet.

Termite inspection is really very important as this can prevent bigger damage to your properties in the long run. Hiring a professional and licensed termite inspector is necessary so that he can see both the existing and the potential damage that termite infestation can cause to your property. After all, early detection is better than having to shoulder all the inconvenience and cost you might experience if you have a full termite infestation.