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Factors to Consider when Buying Blinds and Shutters

There are many factors to consider when buying blinds and shutters. You have to be sure that the design will perfectly match and the room and there are also issues of durability. Listed below are some useful tips on how buy the perfect shades:

Shutter finish

It is advisable to look for blinds and shutters that match some aspects of the room such as window frames and flooring. The white and the cream-colored are the best-sellers. For the wood shutters, there are many options for wood finishing that will greatly enhance the look of the room.

Size of window

The size of the window frames is not an issue when it comes to the installation of blinds and shutters. Personnel will come to your home to take the measurements.


If the style of your interiors is the rustic type, the wood shutter is the best option. The same is true for country-style homes. For modernists and minimalist homes, it is perfect to install aluminum blinds.

Shutter height

There are three kinds of shutters to choose from: the half-shutters is from the windowsill up to the end of the window, café shoulder covers only the bottom half of the window leaving the top window shutter-free , while the full shutter covers the entire windows and it is divided into sections so the owner is given the option as to the amount of light he prefers to pass through the windows.




Privacy control

When choosing blinds and shutters, go for the one that allows full privacy or the type that can completely eliminate the sunlight from entering the room.


Shutters are made to last a lifetime. But blinds can be changed every now and then. The colors of the blind do fade after exposure to sunlight. Blinds that are made from polymer are more durable.


You do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning your blinds and shutters. So, when shopping for one, do take note that the vinyl blinds require less cleaning time. Blinds made with horizontal ribs can be pretty challenging to dust as compared to the blinds with vertical lines. For vertical lines, choose the type that can be cleaned by removing the vanes. Shutters can be maintained by wiping a damp cloth.

Child and pet safety

When choosing blinds and shutters, you also need to consider its safety features. The dangling pull-up cords can cause accidents among children, senior citizens, and pets. The latest blinds and shutters are made with a bottom bar for pulling up and rolling down the blinds.