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How you can Benefit from Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are much easier to maintain than blinds and curtains. They look more classic and elegant as well, as some shutters are made from hardwood. However, even for those who have a limited budget, there are shutters made from vinyl with
different colors to accommodate those with limited budget.

The benefits of plantation shutters are numerous as enumerated below:

- Provide security and privacy. By closing the shutters, the interior of the home is not seen by the passer bys. It is uncomfortable for homeowners knowing that every activity inside the house can be seen by others; also, burglars can see the items that they can find interesting to steal. Thus, plantation shutters can deter theft apart from providing the much needed privacy.

- It can filter sunlight. Medical practitioners are constantly reminding people to protect themselves from too much exposure to sunlight. But if the homes do not have adequate protection from sunlight, home inhabitants can also be prone to skin cancer. Shutters can filter too much sunlight providing a safe haven for everyone. Also, too much sunlight can cause damage to some furniture, especially if they are made out of wood as it can cause warping and cracking. If you install plantation shutters, you can also protect and lengthen the life of your home furniture.



- Shutters add aesthetic value to a home. There are different styles of shutters that can blend well with the design and
architecture of a home. These plantation shutters are usually custom-made to fit in to the size of the windows and doors. The shape can be round, angular, or even arched depending on the preference of the home owner. Some styles even have just partial covering to allow more sunlight into the room.

- Plantation shutters can drastically decrease your electric bills. The shutters can be closed during summer months to provide shade. The louvers can be slightly opened to allow fresh air to circulate around the house. By minimizing the amount of sunlight, you decrease the heat that goes inside the house which prevents you from using air conditioners for a long period of time. During winter months, plantation shutters are good insulators as they trap the heat inside the house and prevent the draft from entering the home. As a result, you lessen eh electric heaters. Thus, shutters can be installed whether you live in a temperate or tropical country.