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We also have Bali Huts and Buddha Statues for a tropical Indonesian touch to finish your Garden. Adorn your living space with water features and a Balinese pool.

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Saves on time

One of the main reasons why some prefer the carpet dry cleaning method is the lack of waiting time for the carpets to get dry. This is especially true in areas where humidity is high and the carpets take a long time to get dry. This can even lead to foul odor. Once the professional carpet cleaners are done, the carpets can be used immediately unlike if the steam carpet cleaning method is used, you still have to wait for hours or even days before you can step on the carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning Method

Carpets need to be cleaned professionally at least once a year. This is because the professional carpet cleaners are trained on how to completely remove deep-seated dirt and mites, plus the removal of stubborn stains. There are basically two methods of carpet cleaning- the steam cleaning and the carpet dry cleaning method. Some people prefer the dry method as it is more economical and does not pose any odor issue when the carpets are not dried properly. Listed below are the benefits of carpet dry cleaning method:

It is economical

Money is saved from purchasing detergents and the use of water. It does not mean though that no cleaning agent is used in this kind of method, a powder is applied on the carpet which is then agitated to go deep down the fibers of the carpet. An industrial vacuum cleaner is then used as the dirt attaches themselves onto the powder and form a capsule so vacuuming becomes easy.


Prevents molds and mildew


Molds and mildew are not issues when the carpet dry cleaning method is used. Everyone knows that the main reason for the presence of molds and mildew are moist surfaces. Carpets that are steam cleaned take time to get dry and there is always that threat to have molds and mildews which can be very smelly and may even cause health issues like allergic rhinitis.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide is the best choice for commercial establishments

It pays to have a clean and neat surrounding in order to attract customers. If the carpets are already dirty and heavily soiled, set an appointment for carpet dry cleaning method. This is the best choice for commercial establishments because you do not have to close or shorten the business hours just to wait for the carpets to get dry. Business continues as soon as the professional carpet cleaners are done with the carpet dry cleaning method on your carpets.